Asteria Malinzi

Photo: Asteria Malinzi

Born (1991)  in Singida, Tanzania. Lives and works in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

History, the ocean, found objects and personal experiences are usually the protagonist of her personal works. Through historical references, she gains inspiration by past happenings and uses her camera as a medium for her reinterpretation of these happenings. In her work, Malinzi uses herself as a point of reference and and subject matter through the use of self portraiture.

Malinzi is a fine art and documentary photographer. She graduated from The Cape Town School of Photography in 2015 where she completed her bodies of works, The Middle Passage (2015), Foreign (2015) and Perseverance (2014).

She is a co-founder and co-curator for APRIL, a platform for female artist and curators in Tanzania and East Africa.